Pump & Trigger Feeding Systems

A range of dispensing pump and trigger feeding systems that carefully sort, feed and deliver pumps at up to 300upm.

Our cap / dispensing pump / trigger feeding systems have been designed and developed to provide an unrivalled combination of precision, quality and reliability.

We have a unique range of different systems including:

  • Vibratory Bowl Feeding Systems – designed for low output speeds up to 80upm.
  • Single stage Centrifugal Feeding Systems – designed for medium to high output speeds up to 300upm for caps and dispensing pumps.
  • Double stage Centrifugal Feeding Systems – designed to for medium to high output speeds for push-on and screw-on spray triggers at up to 300bpm.

We cover the complete range of closure feeding and sorting systems including:

  • Push-On Caps
  • Screw-On Caps
  • ROPP Shells (caps)
  • Dispensing Pumps
  • Spray Triggers

Closures are decanted into a bulk hopper and elevated on demand to ensure a constant and correct volume remains inside the sorting system. The closures are then orientated and transfer onto either an air conveyor, vibrator track or gravity chute.

Change-over between formats has been simplified by adopting SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) principles that allow all change-parts to be changed over quickly in under 10-minutes with minimal fuss and instant return to maximum production efficiency.