Food & Beverage Lines (FBL)

Our Food & Beverage Line equipment is the most complete range of food manufacturing machinery available in the UK & Ireland from a single source supplier. This unique and comprehensive brand of machinery is designed to provide either individual or turnkey food & beverage production lines for products that need to be packed in glass jars, bottles or metal cans.

  • Depalletiser - an automatic solution for the unpacking of jars, bottles or cans directly onto the production line.
  • Universal Blower - an automatic solution for either dry or wet cleaning of glass jars and bottles.
  • Rotary Filling Machine - high speed rotary filling machines using either vacuum or piston filling technology at up to speeds of 500upm and with automatic Clean-In-Place systems.
  • Linear Filling Machine - flexible piston filling machine with scroll feeding system capable of up to 100upm and with automatic Clean-In-Place systems.
  • Twist Off Capping Machines - a range of automatic linear capping machines to tighten TO or PTO metallic lids under vacuum by steam injection (optional) and at up to 500upm.
  • Pasteuriser & Cooler - tunnel pasteuriser suitable for the thermic treatment of glass jars, bottles and metal cans.
  • Vacuum Detection - a range of vacuum detection systems to detect that TO or PTO lids have been applied correctly.