Bespoke Packaging and Automation & Assembly Systems

From general conveyors, product feeding & handling, ultrasonic cap welding, vibrator bowls, assembly systems etc.


Automation & Assembly Systems

Our Smart Feeder product is an intelligent system for the feeding and assembly of a wide range of packaging material products. Robotic control, collaborative or otherwsie is part of our DNA with an amazing and experienced team ready for your next automation or assembly apllication. We have huge experience with Fanuc, Staubli, Adept, Kuka etc. Together with our 'time served' automotive skills we can provide a turnkey solution to exceed any requirement and our vision system inspection (VSI) systems guarantee your product has been handled, assembled and checked before dispatch.


Packaging Automation 

ATS Packaging automation revolutionizes production efficiency, streamlining processes and ensuring consistent quality. With ATS automated solutions, businesses experience heightened productivity and reduced labor costs, optimizing their packaging operations for success.

Packaging automation, a cornerstone of modern industry, encompasses:

  • Automatic case erecting for swift and precise box assembly
  • Automatic packing for efficient and uniform product placement
  • Automatic case sealing for evenly secure closure and product protection

  • Automatic palletising for seamless stacking and loading, enhancing logistics efficiency and overall productivity.




Automatic Case Erecting and Packing 


Automatic Packing and Case Ereting will be carried out by robots equipped with suitable tooling and grippers for box erecting and picking and placing jerry cans or bottles. This robot’s main task will be to keep up with the throughputs of filling station and maintain smooth operation without stopping.

Machine Type: Automatic Case Erecting & Packing

Output Speed: 18-20 case per Minute


Automated Case Sealing 


The ATS Automated Case Sealer is designed as a fixed format solution, requiring manual adjustments for precise operation. Ideal for long production runs with consistent box dimensions, this machine seamlessly applies two self-adhesive tape stripes along the upper and lower middle lines of boxes. With intuitive controls and straightforward operation, the ATS Automated Case Sealer ensures efficiency, simplicity, and rapid adjustment for optimized packaging processes.


Automated Palletising 


ATS Automated Palletising employs a versatile robot equipped with a gripper tailored for handling multiple configurations, with specific design confirmation upon order. The primary function of this robot is to seamlessly integrate with the packing station, maintaining uninterrupted operation to keep pace with production throughputs. A single roller conveyor connects the cell to the taping machine, facilitating the smooth flow of products to the robot for palletising.

Machine Type: Automatic Palletising

Output Speed: 18-20 cases Maximum per Minute